Brabham Graphic Updates

Last Update: 19/11/05 - Suite by Cerezo removed

BT 24 Brabham i use is v2.1 by GPLEA with 2d helmets.
1-remove all but brabham.dat in the original dir.
2-download GPLEA Brabham v2.1.exe from GPLEA and execute files extraction into a temporary dir temp. A new dir named GPLEA Brabham V2.1 will be created.
3-to install BASE car, copy all files from temp/GPLEA Brabham V2.1/BT24 Standard into gpl/cars/cars67/brabham dir.
4-to fix the blue reflection on the chrome rings in the green cockpit by changing it to green, download from GPLEA, Brabham page, and extract its file into gpl/cars/cars67/brabham dir.
Mirrors by Bjoern Your car tail in your mirrors ! (from Racesimcentral Thread Very small addon for all cars...).
1-download and extract its files into a temporary dir temp. Then, copy file named bri.mip contained in temp/cars67mirror/brabham bt24 into gpl/cars/cars67/brabham.