Eagle Graphic Updates

Last Update: 28/11/03 - New v4.0 by GPLEA with mirrors by Bjoern

Eagle-Weslake T1G Eagle showed is V4.0 by GPLEA, updated with 2D helmets.
1-remove all but eagle.dat from directory gpl/cars/cars67/eagle.
2-download file GPLEA Eagle v4.0.exe from GPLEA; execute file extraction in a temporary directory temp.
3-to install BASE car copy into gpl/cars/cars67/eagle all files from temp/GPLEA Eagle V4.0 standard.
4-to install 2D helmets, copy into gpl/cars/cars67/eagle all files from Standard with 2D helmet.
Suite by jbviking
Suite and gloves by jbviking, from Driversuites thread.
1-copy into eagle dir all files from 4biteagdriver1.0.zip.
Mirrors by Bjoern Your car tail in your mirrors ! (from Racesimcentral Thread Very small addon for all cars...).
1-download objects in the review mirrors_bw.zip and extract its files into a temporary dir temp. a new direwctory named objects in the review mirrors_bw will be created.
2-copy into gpl/cars/cars67/eagle file named erm.mip contained in temp/objects in the review mirrors_bw/eagle titanium no cover.