Updates tested in Direct3D


17Jun06 CARSET 65, SOUNDS: all addons are no longer compatible with new MOD v2.0 (see START for MOD65 v2.0 installation).
14Nov05 W.GLEN 65: new addons by remy
26Aug05 CARSET 65: new carset for Ferrari 512 and Honda RA272 by -n-; new hires cockpits for Cooper T77 and Honda RA272 by Fireeyes.
SOUNDS: new soundset by Wolfgang Buthe.
08Nov04 W.GLEN 65: new sky by gliebzeit
31Oct04 CARSET 65: new Lotus 33 v2.0
25Oct04 W.GLEN 65: autumn colors by remy.
19Sep04 W.GLEN 65: new addons by lobster and gliebzeit !!!
MEXICO 65: new addons by Legends of '65 and Al Heeley !!!
23Jul04 CARSET 65: new section with the best addons for the 65 ladies.
MONACO 65: all the addons to have Monaco as it was in 1965. Yes, the railway station is there !

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