Lotus Graphic Updates

Last upd.: 16/03/04 - Lotus 3.1 by GPLEA and suite by Pete Gaimari

Lotus Ford 49 Lotus base car is 49 by GPLEA with 2d helmet.

1-remove all but lotus.dat from original dir.
2-download GPLEA Lotus49 v3.1.exe from GPLEA site and extract files into a temporary dir temp; a new dir named GPLEA Lotus49 v3.1 will be created.
3-copy all files from temp/GPLEA Lotus49 v3.1/Lotus 49 Standard into gpl/cars/cars67/lotus dir.
4-to install 2d helemts, copy all files from temp/GPLEA Lotus49 v3.1/2D Helmet Version into gpl/cars/cars67/lotus dir.

Suite by Pete Gaimari Red stripped arms white suite by Pete Gaimari.

1-download lotusredstripe4bit.zip from RSC forum thread Driving suit for new Lotus and extract its files into gpl/cars/cars67/lotus.

Cockpit by Totoro From Racesimcentral thread Lotus 49 cockpit touch-up.
1-download lotus_49b_cockpit_by_Totoro.rar and extract its files into gpl/cars/cars67/lotus dir.